Topiary Frames

Made to our design by local blacksmith Phil Carter, these new topiary frames are both stylish and extremely sturdy.
They are suitable as a cutting guide on box, lonicera nitida, or yew.
The Cat and French Hen can also be used in a large pot and trained with a small-leaved ivy.

French Hen

French Hen

Beak to tail: 900mm/36"
Max height: 700mm/28" + extra 250mm/10" to go into hedge/pot
£128.00 Quantity required
French Hen Drawing


Nose to tail: 400mm/16"
Paw to tip of tail: 650mm/26" + extra 200mm/8" to go into hedge/pot
£98.00 Quantity required
Cat Drawing
Hissing Goose

Hissing Goose

Beak to tail: 1100mm/43"
Max height: 350mm/14" + extra 300mm/12" to attach to hedge
£125.00 Quantity required
Hissing Goose Drawing
Running Hare

Running Hare

Nose to tail: 1000mm/39"
Max height: 500mm/20" + extra 300mm/12" on legs to attach to hedge
£120.00 Quantity required

Globe Topiary Frame

Ideal for training small-leaved ivies eg. Miniature Needlepoint or Ivalace. Can also be used as a cutting guide for box and Lonicera Nitida. Globe diam. : 450mm (18")
Leg length : 300mm (12")
£39.50 each Quantity required
Cone Frame
Cone Topiary Frame

Small Cone

Lovely in a large pot trained with annual climbers, eg. Black-eyed Susan, Morning Glory, climbing Nasturtiums, or a small-leaved ivy (see photo).
Height : 800mm (32") including legs 200mm (8")
Width at base: 400mm (16")
£34.50 each Quantity required